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Hyaluronic acid


Today reticulated hyaluronic acid is regarded as a significant part of best practices for reducing wrinkles, restoring volumes, improving the contours of the lips and rehydrating deeply.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural component of the body which contributes to hydration and elasticity of the tissues. As we age the quantity and the quality of HA diminishes which causes a loss of skin density and dryness. It is a product that has been reliably tested.

The results are good on the condition that certain protocols are respected:
– Contraindications: pregnancy, auto immune illness.
– Using products that are certified by CE medical or FDA.
– Maintaining natural looking results.
– The right product in the right place and in appropriate quantities.

The results are immediate. The injection can be redone every year or every two years depending of the location.