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Using peeling and light together creates a synergy to rejuvenate the skin. The light source is blue, red, yellow or infrared emitted by LED. Their combination is adapted to your needs.

Photodynamic peeling contains photo acceptor molecules that react to light. It is a leading-edge treatment. The peeling helps the penetration of photo acceptor molecules into your skin. This encourages the growth of collagen in a non-aggressive way. The skin does not burn as with classic peeling and ablative laser.

There are several photodynamic peelings to choose from, relative to what needs to be repaired: acne, sagging skin, discoloration, sun damage, etc.

Both face and body can be treated with remarkable results without secondary effects any time of year, even in the summer.

Usually three to four sessions are required.
This is the case where two methods, used in conjunction with each other, are better than just one.