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Light therapy is the newest therapeutic approach to tissue regeneration.

Photobiomodulation (PBM) LED is the interaction between light and cells. It doesn’t create heat like lasers do.

The energy LED delivers is gentle without heat or burning. All skin types can be treated with this method. The LED wavelengths are contained in the visible light spectrum.

This technology was used for NASA astronauts. In 1900 there was a lot of research conducted in eastern bloc countries. 2015 was declared the “International year of light”. Now, along with lasers, LED is recognized as a major therapeutic tool.
The photons emitted by LED awake the energy in cells and restart cellular metabolism.

The primary benefits are better healing, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect plus tissue regeneration.

The many uses of LED:
– Problems with healing: stretch marks, ulcers, Keloids …
– Skin inflammation: acne rosaceous, sun burning, psoriasis …
– Photorejuvenation: regeneration of aging skin, alopecia …
– Infectious diseases: acne, herpes, zona, mycosis.

Two-phase protocol:
– Attack phase: six to ten sessions, once or twice a week
– Maintenance phase: once or twice a month.

LED therapy optimizes other esthetic treatments: peelings, mesotherapy, radiofrequency, PRP, etc.

Using dynamic phototherapy introduces molecules into your skin that absorb the light and give you faster and better results. This dynamic phototherapy is also used for certain skin cancers.

Light information helps your cells to function better. These days it is well known that phototherapy is the future of skincare, that is why I cofounded the European LED Academy.