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Chemical peels are used for exfoliation of the upper part of the dermis followed by skin regeneration.

Rules for peelings treatments:
– Preparing the skin
– No peeling if there is an infection like herpes or bacterial infection
– No immediate sun exposure because of risk of hyper pigmentation.
– Antiherpetic treatment if you have had cutaneous herpes.
– Don’t scratch or remove scabs.

Different kinds of peeling according to the depth: superficial, medium and deep peels.

Soft or superficial peels:
The most well known is peeling with glycolic acid or AHA peel.
Alpha hydroxyl acids(AHA) peels for creating uniformity of skin tone and luminosity, for reducing acne spots, and for closing the pores.

Medium depth peels:
TCA peel with trichloroacetic acid agents to reduce thickening of the skin and dark spots. The after effects, such as scabs and redness, last one week.

Deep peels:
Phenol peels to reduce deep wrinkles. The after effects last ten days for scabs and longer for redness. This peeling should be done by an experienced physician.