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The skin is always adversely affected by external stressors like UV radiation, changes in temperature, pollution and by internal imbalances like vitamin and mineral deficiencies, heavy metals, inflammation, etc.

Multiple influences on aging skin:

Chronodermy: genetics, hormones, chronological age …
Heliodermy : sun damage Free radical toxicity: tobacco, alcohol, pollution, stress Gravity Muscle tightness or looseness Slower metabolism
Signs of skin aging: Wrinkles, dryness, dull looking skin, discoloration, age spots, visible veins, loss of density, tonicity and firmness of skin, sagging skin, etc.

In histological mode all the layers of the skin are affected.

One method cannot treat all the changes. Only a strategy combining different treatment techniques can obtain more youthful looking skin.

The benefits of a combined theory approach are:
– reverses more than one factor of aging at the same time
– creates fewer side effects
– focuses on noninvasive techniques: ” slow attitude”
– gives better and more natural results.

The strategy is based on 4 kinds of treatment:
Protecting, Repairing, Stimulating and Regenerating

Protecting takes into account external environmental factors. Repairing delicately: “Slow esthetique” Stimulating: rebalances the skin Regenerating: revitalizes skin cells

Skin care strategies:
The various protocols are individually designed after a thorough analysis.


Some examples of combined therapies:

Injections combining non-reticulated and reticulated hyaluronic acid in three layers to hydrate the skin deeply and on the surface and at the same time correcting volumes as needed.
Mesotherapy and LED
Lasers non-ablative for couperosis and age spots with fractional radiofrequency to regenerate the tissue.
Peelings and LED
Lasers and peelings
Fractional and monopolar radiofrequency to maintain the results.
PRP and LED to optimize regeneration.

These techniques are combined during one session or are spread out over several sessions.

This approach reverses the factors that lead to aging skin.