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Stretch marks affect approximately 50% of young people.

They may occur during puberty, pregnancy, rapid weight gain, and corticosteroid treatments. They appear in areas where the skin is subjected to excessive tension: breast, abdomen, flanks, upper and inner thighs.

They are caused by a degeneration of collagen fibers and elastin fibers. The consequence is a thinning of the dermis. Recent stretch marks are red and older ones are white.

A new way to diminish them is the photobiomodulation LED. LED stimulates the fibroblasts to synthesize new collagen. The treatment uses a combination of different wavelengths to achieve best results. The light generation device that is used in my office is Chromospace Must LED which benefits from five wavelengths blue, green, yellow, red and infrared. The device comes in the form of bed with two another LED panels so the entire body can be treated at once without moving the patient. The Chromospace treatment allows a perfectly homogeneous illumination of all the treated areas.

Treatment of maximum areas of the body for a minimum time of about twenty minutes.
One session every week up to twenty sessions, depending on the stretch marks.

Red stretch marks get good results very quickly.
White stretch marks need a combination with another technique like Legato that is a fractioned radiofrequency.

The improvement of the stretch marks is visible. The skin surface changes with disappearance of the fractures and the number of stretch marks diminishes.
LED photobiomodulation is a new approach to stimulate fibroblasts without thermal effects and without pain.